Choosing Stocking Based on Leg Shape

For you women, do you know other functions of stocking in addition to maintaining the appearance and increase the confidence? Have you ever thought of other benefits of stocking when worn everyday? Apparently according to research experts health, stocking is also beneficial for skin health and women’s feet if worn with regular. One of them to prevent the occurrence of varicose veins on your legs. So what exactly is the varicose veins? Varicose veins are abnormalities in the blood vessels beneath the skin. The abnormality is the widening of blood vessels behind the vein that serves to transport the blood of metabolism from the rest of the body. The widening of these blood vessels will appear as blue or purple streaks under our skin which is certainly very disturbing appearance. Right now, stocking is not just plain black as it used to be. There are many variations that you can experiment with as experiments. Even so, not all stocking was compatible with the shape of the foot. If wearing the wrong stockings, maybe your overall look messy. So, it is important to note the selection of stocking based on the shape of your feet. You can check on our website to get a lot of interesting stocking options.

If you have wide wrists, it is advisable to choose a classic stocking of plain colors; such as black, burgundy, or brown. Complete with high heels shoes that are the same color so that the inner curve of your foot is visible. In this way, the legs that contain will look more slender. If you have short legs, you can choose to stock with the stripes motifs that arise. Do not forget to combine this stocking premises with high heels shoes the same color with stockings, so the legs will look longer and slender. If you have large calves, do not be shy. You can choose stockings with motifs that spread throughout the surface, and the motives are rare. That way, automatically the attention will be diverted to other places on the entire leg, not just in the calf alone. Do not forget also, mix with the appropriate shoe color.

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