These are Three Types Of Batteries You Need To Know Well

You who own a vehicle must be familiar with the battery in it. Automobile or motorcycle batteries clearly function as a maintainer and jump starter. The battery on the vehicle can indeed drain power to various components in the vehicle. this makes the battery as an important component and should always be treated.

However, the battery is not only in one type, but there are several types of battery that you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle you have. some kind of battery you need to know is

– Battery wet
This type of battery is a type of battery that you can find easily in various places. This is a standard battery that is often found in vehicles, either motor or car. The hallmark of this battery is the presence of H2SO4 fluid in it. The advantages of this battery are the selling price is cheaper and you can find easily on the market. Even this battery type can be used up to repeated if you care for it well. However, the deficiency of this battery is the presence of an in vitro electrolyte which you should always check regularly. this is because the liquid is easy to evaporate.

– Dry battery
This is also commonly referred to as a maintenance-free battery. although using the term dry, but that does not mean there is no liquid in it. However, in these batteries, there is usually a seal that is strong enough so that it can prevent the occurrence of evaporation in it. The advantages of this battery are you do not need to change the battery periodically. however, the drawback is the price of the battery is quite expensive and a short usage period.

– Hybrid battery
This battery type uses the latest technology in it. The excess battery is can be used for a long period of time so it can be a more cost-saving replacement. In addition, evaporation in it is also very minimal. The drawbacks are hard to find, and there is a dangerous corrosive dance if exposed to body parts.