It’s The Stator Function In The Brushless Motor That You Should Know

There are some tools that do use a brushless motor. One is the drone. If the brushless motor inside is not working it will be very inconvenient. then, if damaged, you can replace it with a new one on BLDC motor. In a brushless motor, of course, there is some good and correct circuit and you should know with certainty.

One of the most important circuit in it is the stator. The stator is a stationary motor part which functions as a rotating field of the motor to provide an electromagnetic force on the rotor so that the motor can rotate. The stator on the BLDC motor is almost the same as the conventional electric motor stator, just different in its coil. The stator is made of a laminated steel pile and serves as a wire winding place. The wire windings on the BLDC motor are usually connected with a star or Y configuration. From the above explanation, you can conclude that the stator is very important.