Improving your own convenience when traveling on a boat

Bring medicine and mineral water. You need to take a hangover medicine as necessary, and some bottles of mineral water as much as more than 3 bottles because you will be very dehydrated on the way. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in sailing, check out the recommended RYA Sailing Courses.

Find a contact. When you are traveling alone, try to find acquaintances who go in groups or more than one person. This is useful if at any time you want to leave the goods briefly to go to the toilet or eat. So you can ask for help to entrust your luggage. But when you go rollicking, of course, you can make it easier in keeping luggage with each other.

Bring your own bedding. Just in case carry a comfortable mat and sleeping pad as portable as a sleeping foam or carry a sleeping bag. It is anticipated if you do not get a mattress facility on board. So you can still sleep comfortably.