Protecting Mobile Phones from Hot Season Temperature

Exposure to sunlight may have a major impact on the internal components of the phone. Even in some cases, cell phones overheating can cause data loss, also slow down performance. Hot phone batteries may leak quickly and even hot phones can threaten safety. You can get the best place to buy phone online by visiting our website.

Here are some ways you can do if your phone’s temperature keeps increasing:

– Get the phone out of your pocket

When the day is hot, do not always put the phone in the bag to lower the temperature of the phone and make it cool again. The body heat will inhibit the cooling process of the phone. Users should also keep the phone away from objects that are easy to conduct heat. In certain cases, the phone is overheating can cause a battery leak or even burn the phone.

– Enable ‘Airplane’ mode

Not just the external temperature that can cause the phone to to overheat. If users play games or make phone calls nonstop, the phone works harder and causes heat. Especially when combined with temperatures that are hot as during the dry season, this can cause the phone ‘overheating’. Then try setting the airplane mode to cool the phone back, or even better if the user stops using the phone for some time.

– Do not leave the phone in the car

The car is like a greenhouse in the sun. Research shows that cars parked under the sun at 35 ° C will reach a temperature of 46 ° C within an hour. Apple Company recommends not to use the iPhone when the temperature is over 35 ° C. They also add a message to its users not to put the phone in place with temperatures greater than 45 ° C.

– Do not charge the battery in direct sunlight

If the user leaves the phone under direct sunlight while charging the phone battery, then the sunlight will add the heat already transferred from the electricity connected to the phone battery. Of course, this will cause the phone to be hotter than it should be.