What Do You know About the Use of the Satellite-based Internet?

Before you continue your research to find out the best internet pelosok solution, it would be better to know this. Well, the use of satellite for broadband needs has been started since 15 years ago. In 1970, there were many satellite dishes mounted on each roof to enjoy television. In Indonesia, you may still see some homes still using a classic parabola, though most are not functional and tend to be just “displays”. Now times have changed, so users only need a 10 kg weight antenna mounted on the roof of the house to get satellite-based internet access. “Everything is now smaller, not just the size of the antenna, but also its power consumption.

For your information, signal disturbance in the rain is a lot of complaints from the use of the satellite-based internet. In the past, heavy rain and thick clouds are often a stumbling block to this service. Fortunately, with more modern equipment, such incidents have become less frequent.