Know What Impact on the Plastic Mold Quality

The process of making a mold is a complex process, from design, processing, assembly, commissioning and other steps, the latter can be really used, throughout the life cycle, the factors that affect the quality of the plastic mold china must following these:

1) It should not be overlooked the impact of mold quality from the top ten steel factors is the decisive factor in the quality of the mold, the reasonable steel choice is of the utmost importance.

2) Design production and mold design: production design should have no weak and sharp corners, this will cause some risk to small steel or sharp corners, these places will affect production life and may be damaged in mass production. The mold design should be easy, stable and powerful enough, otherwise, it will also cause some problems and even the print memo. A reasonable mold structure can effectively extend the life of the dead and ensure the smoothness of mold production. Improve efficiency and reduce costs.

3) Plastic injection material Requirements: different plastics to choose different steel like high polishing requirements, corrosion resistance requirements and so on; The performance of steel prices are quite good, not the more expensive the better; taking into account the cost factor of mold, die steel to choose and pass the age of the appropriate material, to avoid unnecessary waste.

4) The surface treatment of the mold is crucial. Nitriding can increase the hardness of the steel surface, the extension of life to death effectively; electroplating-can effectively modify the mold steel, for some high-brightness needs and corrosion-resistant plastic parts can use the electroplating to improve and improve the steel performance structures mature mold structure not only consider

5) The nature of the product material: Depreciation rate, a temperature of forming, elastic tensile deformation coefficient and so on, and precision injection plastic should be as powerful as possible when design, it is important to control the production precision later.