Tips for investing safely in Bitcoin

Often times bitcoin investments are not profitable but are instead lost or fooled. Many fake bitcoin investment programs or HYIPs. Member pay member. You should read the following summary for those who like to invest in Bitcoin.

Profit Loss on Bitcoin Investments. Bitcoin is a digital currency that has the highest price. Price per BTC reaches $ 450. Here I submit some consideration whether investing in bitcoin is still profitable.

Bitcoin prices are very volatile.

Bitcoin price movements are not as stable. From the price of $ 450 can go down $ 420 in a day. The margin is so high that you who are not familiar with this currency can lose money when buying bitcoin at a price high.

Can bitcoins be damaged or lost?

All objects can be damaged and lost as well as bitcoin. The possibility of missing bitcoin is very small unless you keep it on your own computer and then your computer burns and crashes. If you keep it in the wallet service it will be very difficult to lose as long as you do not forget the password when it stays in If you forget your bitcoin will be locked and no one can open it even if there are very few people who can do it.

The legal status of bitcoin is unclear.

One of the south-Asian countries has not taken a firm stand against bitcoin. Is set as currency or commodity. The US government itself has set bitcoin as a commodity although in practice many Americans use bitcoin as a means of payment.

Mining of new bitcoin reaches ½ of 21 million.

This is a great opportunity to invest. Bitcoin mining investments promise great benefits. But be careful in choosing investment bitcoin mining.

Many HYIP investments (High Yield Investment Programs) use bitcoin as their payment.

HYIP investment will eventually lead to losses of the investor because the system used is a PONZI scheme. Read What is Ponzi ?. Do not let you get stuck investing with a model like this.

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